• Medicines represent the means or instruments most commonly used to treat and prevent illness. The use of medicines in clinical practice is called pharmacotherapy. From a scientific standpoint, pharmacotherapy is a branch of pharmacology, and pharmacology itself is the medical science of the drug.
    Since there are two distinct types of medicine that are known, allopathic and homeopathic, two therapeutic methods exist and use medicine as a tool: allopathy and homeopathy.
    To date, as the science of the drug, only one (allopathic) pharmacology is now taught in medical and pharmacy schools.
    So far, for the homeopathic medicine, there is no corresponding distinct science. The first intrnational book of homeopathic pharmacology was written by the undersigned, in 2007, therefore putting the foundations of a new health science. This new medical science is not yet officially recognized and not taught in medical schools.
    To give it its rightful place, among the medical sciences, homeopathic pharmacology must be known and then practiced equally with allopathic pharmacology. Reaching this stage will require the completion of a long and ardous path. I started with the first international book of homeopathic pharmacology. Now, continue with an online magazine, the first of its kind.
    The aim of the journal is to promote and disseminate the new medical science of the homeopathic medicine in the international medical and pharmaceutical community.
    We thank you for your interest in the new health science of homeopathic pharmacology and invite you to support the dissemination of the magazine in wide circles of readers and call for direct collaboration with our magazine.
  • Editor-in-Chief
    Dumitru DOBRESCU, PhD, MD

  • Medicamentul este mijlocul sau instrumentul cel mai frecvent folosit pentru tratarea si prevenirea suferintelor organismului uman. Folosirea lui in practica medicala este numita Farmacoterapie. Din punct de vedere stiintific farmacoterapia este o ramura a Farmacologiei, iar Farmacologia este stiinta medicala a medicamentului.
    Intrucat sunt cunoscute doua tipuri distincte de medicament, alopat si homeopat, exista doua metode terapeutice, care folosesc medicamentul ca instrument, alopatia si homeopatia.
    Ca stiinta a medicamentului, pana in prezent, exista una singura, Farmacologia (alopata), care se invata in facultatile de medicina si farmacie.
    Pentru medicamentul homeopat, pana in prezent, nu exista o stiinta distincta. Prima carte din lume de Farmacologie homeopata, a fost scrisa de subsemnatul, in 2007, prin ea punandu-se bazele unei noi stiinte medicale. Aceasta noua stiinta medicala nu este inca recunoscuta oficial si nu se preda in facultatile de medicina sau farmacie.
    Pentru a i se da locul care i se cuvine intre stiintele medicale, Farmacologia homeopata trebue sa fie cunoscuta si apoi practicata in egala masura cu Farmacologia alopata. Atingerea acestui stadiu va necesita parcurgerea unui drum lung si anevoios. Am inceput cu prima carte din lume de Farmacologie homeopata. Acum, continuam cu o revista on line, prima de acest gen. Scopul revistei este cunoasterea si promovarea noii stiinte medicale a medicamentului homeopat in comunitatea medicala si farmaceutica internationala.
    La multumirile noastre pentru interesul acordat noii stiinte medicale, alaturam invitatia de a sprijini raspandirea revistei in cercuri cat mai largi de cititori si chemarea la colaborarea directa cu revista noastra.
  • Redactor Sef
    Prof. dr. docent
    Dumitru DOBRESCU

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